Peaches & Cream  Salon Spa

Your Aveda Concept Salon Spa in Orillia

474 West St N
Orillia, ON L3V 5E8

705-327-3224 (32Peach)

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HAIRCUTS      Stylist experience           17yrs                  

      WOMEN'S CUT AND STYLE                    $65            

       MEN'S CUT AND STYLE                          $30            

       CHILDREN'S CUT                                     $25               

       DRY CUT                                                    $45              


      TINT TOUCH UP                                       $67.50         

       FULL COLOUR                                          $80             

       CUSTOM COLOUR                                   $90             


      FULL FOIL                                                   $130          

       PARTIAL FOIL                                           $110          

       ACCENT FOILS TEN OR LESS                 $65            

       FULL FOIL & FULL COLOUR                  $165         

       FULL FOIL & TOUCH UP                        $155          

       PARTIAL & FULL COLOUR                    $150        

       PARTIAL & TOUCH UP                          $140         

       CAP HIGHLIGHTS                                    $75                                                                                 


       ADD ON STYLE WITH COLOUR            $30        

       ADD ON CUT WITH COLOUR               $40        

       FORMAL UPDO                                        $65          

       BOTANICAL HAIR THERAPY                $25        

As always, all hair services include

complimentary AVEDA rituals.